CheckML is a quick and easy route to simpler compliance. And it's free!

It is ideal for any organisations wanting to comply with the 3rd Anti Money Laundering Directive, including brokers, accountants and solicitors.


You can look for people or companies who are listed on the sanction lists of the European Union, the Consolidated List of the Government of the UK, the U.S DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY or the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO. Also you can look for important people who are listed on the German wikipedia and could be a political exposed person in Germany. Also the database of and is matched with our database. Since February 2019 the data of the UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL is also imported to our database. So you can look for the most members of the parliaments on the world. You can look for first- and last-names of people, the birthday of the persons or for names of sanctioned companies.

The xpecto AG is behind this service. We are offering this service as a free service for everybody. If you would like to check more than one dataset to our database than contact us. We will find a solution for you and us.

This Service checks 7 databases and we will add more databases in the future, so we are proud to offer you a check over more than 350.000 data sets.

This Service checks the sanction lists of the EU, the US, the UK and the Swiss government.